Friday, June 27, 2008

Creston of Harvey Milk on Chunklet

This email came in last night from Chunklet:

So you're getting this email before anybody else because you're clearly a Harvey Milk fan, and what I'm hawking is a limited seven inch single by Mr. Creston Spiers. Two songs. Recorded in his living room in Athens with just him and a 12-string guitar. The debut release by Southern Shelter Records.

There's only 200 copies of this record and Chunklet's got half of them to sell. Super heavy clear vinyl in a picture disc bag. A record nerd's dream.

So I checked out Southern Shelters site:

I'm excited to announce Southern Shelter Record(s) and our first (and only?) release, a 7" vinyl single by Harvey Milk frontman Creston Spiers! I brought the Southern Shelter Mobile Recording Unit to Creston's home in Athens recently and recorded two of his unreleased original songs. Side A is "Yesterday's Parade", written for the band A (who never made a release); it's backed with "The Time Has Come", written during Creston's time drumming for Producto. These songs are drastically different from Creston's Harvey Milk work. Both tracks have him backed only by acoustic 12-string (sitting on his couch!)

Now I've ordered the full lengths on vinyl and Courtesy and Goodwill towards men is amazing, sitting down and listening to it all at once it was an education in the history of metal/rock in the early nineties. The fact this existed then is staggering. It's really one of those slint situations, where this is a rosetta stone for what's possible for distorted guitar. 10 minute songs, gutteral singing, slow doom rock, precursors to Pelican....everything.
I'm sure this 7" is going to be very very different but the source is amazing, and I want to hear it for sure.

Here's where to order:

Chunklet is proud to help distribute the new and extremely limited seven inch single by Harvey Milk songsmith Creston Spiers released by Southern Shelter. Two original songs performed on an acoustic guitar and recorded in his house in Athens, Georgia. One song from Creston's time in the minimally named A, and another from when he was in Producto. You will never hear these songs on anything else. We have a chunk of them and then you can kick yourself that you didn't buy it here. On super thick, clear vinyl housed in a hefty picture disc bag. Oh, and there's only 200 pressed! Get on it!

Now....I'd love to get this and then you go to checkout, I'm ready to buy I put in all my info and the shipping is 5.50. I remember having this problem last time and that's just insane. So order away, I guess if you're a Harvey Milk completist you'll get this no matter what. I'm curious to hear this 12 string current stuff, but I just feel dirty.

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