Monday, June 30, 2008

Stephen Malkmus on Domino recs

I really have gotten into this new album by Stephen Malkmus, and the jicks, it was great to see them on their tour recently, I never really thought about him playing guitar while he's singing, and how much the vocal line matches the weird guitar parts...or doesn't at all. There is just a sloppy rhythm to it, that of course works so well with the laid back delivery in the Jicks stuff.... it's still no Pig Lib, that is my favorite of the Jicks...RET is a more jammed out version of the Jicks, no too many effects just focused on the songwriting and skilled's definitely out there in classic rock territory with huge songs that go on forever.
I'm a little weary of songs like Elmo Delmo, and that Hopscotch Willie track... it's kind of funny once or twice but it's not lyrically up there with the sarcastic, double entendre laced Malkmus' best.
I really miss the smaller concise numbers, but really... anything from the father of Pavement is welcome and an unreleased track(!) especially.

Holy crap I have to get my hands on this.

From Domino records UK

Malkmus, stephen-Gardenia-Taken from the former pavement mans recent solo album real emotional trash. Features a brand new track walk into the mirror on the flip side. June 2008-7"-Domino

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