Thursday, June 26, 2008

vivian girls

I saw these guys were playing with Love is All at he Market Hotel like I think last weekend and I looked them up to see if I wanted to catch the opener too...I don't know who I confused them with before but I was not into this weirdo super cute twee, I can't find it now, but it was a guy and a girl and I swear one of the songs was about kittens and a rainbow, it wasn't a joke either.

Not this Vivian Girls, who I found this time, and reallyw as ready to lay into that other shit and then realized I ust have confused them somehow...they too were named after Henry Dargers kid touching paintings/books/, but this Vivian girls is a lot better. Now I'm kind of pretty sad I missed them.
This particular single on Plays with dolls is super dense, really like Jesus and Mary Chain, (the Barbed wire Kisses era), the high hat and tamborine have a tight echo, the guitars are miles away and distorted into pure fuzz. It has that not trying feel, kind of aloof, it's not a rocking hard...pure shoegaze I guess that's what I'm describing. It's also kind of motorcycle B-movie-ish, all harmony and creating a repetitive groove to sing slowly over with the chorus pedal on 11. I love this.

The other track from an earlier single is maybe more like the Softies, another one of my favorite bands...still, but desn't make any sense. They have something great about this guitar quiet sincere sound. They just released a full length that sold out immediately.

I'm glad I decided to look this up again, I was kind of ready to talk about how ridiculous that other thing was and twee like that just kills me (in a bad way, like stabbing... in the ears).

On Plays with dolls records...$4.

Or from Parasol:
Vivian Girls
Wild Eyes" b/w "My Baby Wants Me Dead
PS, US When we first heard this single most of the folks in our corner of the office were like: "Oh shit, this is going to be huge!" The more I think about it the more I think that might be an understatement. This is a really great record that will appeal equally to the indie kids and the punks. If these girls want it, the world could be their's. Essential purchase.

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