Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the Errors - Toes

I'm trying to figure out why I like this so much.... it's taking all of those bands on touch and go, chicago, math/prog rock and building on it.
It has all the influences of Don Cabellero, Tortoise...really clean, high note, kind of all treble no effects guitar, loops and loops of little equations playing out, repeating. But other tracks are almost completely electronic....then I find out they are on Rock Action records which is that label started by Mogwai, and it's all coming together. They have a couple other singles still available as well, and I'm going to have to track this down here because it's all sounding great I need more of this in my life, especially when it's done like this. Solid instrumental complicated rock, that leans towards Ratatat sounding electronics.
So it's Don Cab and the whole math jazz thing, but just when you think it's more of the same they throw in some really serious synth/electronics that brings it into a completely different place I'm really getting into.

Can't find it domestically anywhere...I'm going to email them.

It looks like Rock Action has a singles club also , but you can't subscribe to it, they say just keep checking back on the site and buy the 7"'s when they come out....interesting. It's really great that Mogwai started this, but tell me you have a US distributor please...

Norman recs says: (I'm surprised their so lukewarm about this, It's really amazing)
It seems like ages since I heard anything by Errors. In between eating deep fried cream eggs this Glaswegian bunch are back on the case with a 7" called 'Toes' which precedes the forthcoming debut LP for Rock Action. I seem to remember the last 7" was a bit more electronic sounding. There's a bit of a kraut rock thing happening in the repetition and they get a bit of a groove going as the track builds from gentle guitar into a stomping thing that makes me think of a Mogwai dancing with Battles with electronics. The track shifts around a fair bit and all. It doesn't blow me away but it's worth a punt.

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