Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girls of the Gravitron on Boom Chick records

Ultra low-fi recorded underwater...with broken microphones.
Malthusian Lovesong is all distortion, and acoustic guitars, layers and layers of yelling feedbacked-on-themselves vocals...not that it sounds like that description at's oddly quiet and put together and melodic covered with hiss. I think that's the trick of this layered no-fi, is to actually end up with anything at all. This might be a case of 'I could paint a soup can', sure you can and no one would care because for whatever reason it would be shit.
There's more to it, there is a craft and subtlety to recording these messes. I'm sure it will be a guitar pedal someday you can buy at guitar center, but for now, it has to be a time consuming setup of mics and analog machines, all malfunctioning, creating new sounds.
There is a megaphone involved according to some live show pics I saw...that can't possibly receate has to be a new show every night, a new sound depending on the space. This is essential for fans of Eat Skull, Hospitals, Times New Viking...I can't even keep track....

On Boom Chick and S-S

You know what? Things are so easy these my day we had to track down singles in newsprint shitty zines, and take a reviewers word for it! By then, the 7" was gone...maybe it'd be at a live show if you were lucky. It takes me less than 5 minutes to find 2 places where this is being sold! I love it, but if this were to follow some kind of new music model, then the word on something this good would spread so fast this single would be gone within days....I guess that happened to wooden shjips and eat skull, but then if that's the case, make more. It's a whole new world of pressing the 'paypal' button faster than the last guy.

GIRLS OF THE GRAVITRON "Malthusian Lovesong" (Boom Chick - BC 7000 18) 7" $ 3.50
***"Another awesome Memphis band features members of KAZALOK and BARBARAS, recording in a garbage can, doing everything they can to hide their sweet, sweet melodies. Those sweet melodies are there, and will rot your fucking teeth out."

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