Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Great Pop Supplement - Jack Rose

Damn you oil, the war, and other global economics I don't understand because now you are effecting my 7" purchasing.
It's really just getting worse and worse....I mean maybe I'll appreciate them more, but this is getting out of control, just the exchange rate, not the quality.
In fact GPS releases are so amazing, I will have to just try to forget how much it's really costing because after listening to Jack Rose this morning I have to hear it on 45. I'm sure this will be exclusive tracks to GPS and probably will never be on vinyl again, but to have the needle automatically slide over and fall down on this record will be so worth whatever it ends up costing. Oh.. records....you kill me.
Jack Rose sounds like James Blackshaw and John Fahey, amazing acoustic fingerpicking, but coming from a punk/ experiemental background, it's playing with those ideas, and 'AMP' on the myspace even incorporates that vinyl hiss into the music itself, so if that was then pressed on vinyl it would really be weird. I'm happy to have come across him and can't wait to hear this instrumental stuff on 7" from the Supplement.
The owl is from the site, as the sleeve art obviously wasn't anywhere yet.
Thanks Dom, my 7 pounds is on it's way...can I preorder the next 5 years releases so it doesn't get any more expensive?
You're the best.

having to do this a little differently this time round, there's a new GPS 7" to push but i'm having to mailout and advertise it pre-being ready!

the jack rose 7" is nearing completion. jack has kind of set the terms on this one, ie. a pressing of 500 only, his % is a wee bit higher than usual and he's also buying the first batch. still a small price to pay for getting the great man onboard. BUT it means 2 things- first that i need to know exactly how many i need for you lot, who'll always come first here, prior to going out with the distro/mailorder set ups- and second that it's a wee bit costlier than usual 7" price. however, it's not only a great record but comes in a tasty little book like sleeve w/sticker! so i apologise for going out on this without even having them to hand, but paypal/payments are encouraged asap to secure your copies.
£7 elsewhere incl. postage. paypal on this address is best as always please.
thegreatpopsupplement (at) hotmail.com

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