Friday, June 20, 2008

holy fuck - young turk recs

You know with a name like Holy Fuck, I really wanted a little more like anger or angst, so far this track sounds like girl talk or that instrumental go team thing, all made up of other parts, it sounds good, but it's a little boring. I hate to have expectations just based on a name and this bad ass sleeve art but I do, this should be some digital glitches, like Crystal Castles shit, only harder, fuck man, this is weak melodic like the Orb or some ambient/dance shit. We need some serious kick ass synth mutherfucking SIDS still the leader by far in this, my favorite use of the keyboard genre....or Digital Leather.
I just don't get this...for instance with the Fuck Buttons, or Growing, they are kind of playing with expectations and flipping them, working with a lot of real sound and expanding on some of these drone/dance beginnings, but I'm getting bored just listening to these myspace tracks. It's fast enough, it has the keys, but it just sounds uninspired. Are they just average laptop monkeys? It kind of seems that way.

Nothing good here.
All name and sleeve, but no substance.

It's on the Young Turks label...whatever.

Holy Fuck
release a 7" and 12" called 'Lovely Allen ' on the Young Turks label. I missed these when they came out and I only heard the album recently which quietly blew me away... Super nuts futuristic space rock which I wasn't expecting. Lovely Allen is one of the more commercial tunes from the album and it's an anthemic thing which builds and builds with strings until it ends up sounding all pompous like Sigur Ros doing space rock or even some hands fisting in the air Mogwai. Weird prog space rock pop.... That sums it up quite nicely and I have to say this is pretty cool. It reminds our Brian of 'Leathergirls' by Death In Vegas!

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