Monday, June 23, 2008

sic alps - Tour 7" - on parasol

Sic Alps can go right up there against the great duo's, especially in the low/no-fi's kind of blues influenced, like the black lips, loosely based, but all rock... in that it's not so much noise based, they do have a sense of rhythm and melody, it's just hidden under a lot of other sounds.
Really looking forward to catching this live since their recent NYC tour was canceled after some arm breakage on a bike, they're coming to my favorite, Death by Audio and Union Pool.
They've released tons of limited cassettes, 12"'s and 7"'s, completely No Age style.
This is my favorite video of them playing live. The perfect combo of pure sound and melody, the in between place of low and no fi. The shitty audio on that one is probably how it actually sounded that night.
I love the idea of the combo like this and they really stripped down the drum kit, who needs all that shit, and then they can tour with practically's how I would want to do it for sure, no wonder they turn everything up.

You can get it from Parasol distro

They have a full length coming out on siltbreeze.....soon

Sic Alps
PS, US This merch table gem is a one sided 7" limited to 1000 copies. 500 on blue, 200 on red, 200 yellow and 100 on green. Contained on this thick piece of love is a rockola version of Throbbing Gristle's track United. This will be gone fast and won't be repressed.

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