Wednesday, June 11, 2008

jeremy jay - AlphaRhythm

I picked up A place where we could go the other day and it kind of changed my whole idea of J J. I remember the previous singles sounding kind of electronic, dark, a little off, kind of scary, unsettling, I was kind of thinking it was like Terror Visions a little bit, the Jay Reatard side project.
But on the full length it was pure Johnathan Richmond, the kind of storytelling, half talking style. Every song was about love...not like the usual kind of abstract songs about love, this is completely a near concept album about falling in love with almost a specific person, going through all those emotions, and all in a really sincere unguarded way, some of the lyrics were almost ridiculous. He's putting it all out there, which really what else can you do if it's going to be anything.
This single Alpharhythm is back to that off kilter oldies/glitch, raw guitar combined with this electronic high handclap snare sound.... tons of echo on a repeated 'dance, dance, dance' vocal. It's really great, half hearted, a little over the top in a great way....I didn't hear anything like this on the full length. Weird. It's like 2 different Jeremy's, the singles and then the one in love with love.

On K records...finally some domestic waste of oil, known as vinyl 7"'s

JEREMY JAY-AlphaRythm 7” (K/IPU117) $4.50 Limited to 500 copies. The reduction of pop music to it's core attributes of the catchy and the delightful, with a smattering of the fantastic mixed in, and an urbane sense of color and good taste: this is the reputation that Jeremy Jay has earned after releasing just a few 45s. His debut album A Place Where We Could Go [KLP187] is due in stores May 20, and the world awaits it with baited breath. In the meantime Jeremy Jay offers this slice of his rapidly growing oeuvre, not to be repeated on the much-anticipated LP: "Alpharhythm" an infectious dance pop anthem, and "Moonbeam Window", which explores the introverted, fantasy-laden elements of his inner psyche. A simply ravishing combination equally at home on either the dance floor or AM radio. K is happy to release "Alpharhythm" and "Moonbean Window" as the latest volume of our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm records. Jeremy Jay, a Californian, has toured the West Coast and ventured as far a field as New York City in the past year. He will performing across the U.S. after the release of A Place Where We Could Go, and has already begun working on his second K album, to be released in January 2009. His most recent release, "Airwalker" [KLP115], also a volume in the International Pop Underground series, was very well received by radio, press and interweb fanzines/logs/journals.

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