Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oxford Collapse - Spike of bensonhurst

I don't know what to make of these guys especially with this single, at times they remind of the Promise Ring with their screaming emo sounding vocals but then with 'Please visit your National Parks' they just really rock, and it's so catchy you want to hear the entire thing, and want to love every song.
But this single is all piano based, kind of slow number where the vocals are seriously weird and overdone, like it's some kind of joke on this style or something. It's reminding me of some kind of sitcom opening, or it's headed to be on the next episode of Grey's Anatomy or something.
The other couple of singles on Version City records and Discoloration records I have from these guys were great really interesting rock with this crazy vocal style and choruses, maybe joke ballads like these just aren't their thing.
This is on Flameshovel records, who also has a Mt. Eerie single back in stock that is pretty awesome and essential for any Microphones fan.

What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the registration of Velcro's trademark (seriously, look it up) than to enjoy a couple of tunes by our Brooklyn-based pals in OXFORD COLLAPSE On May 13th, we will be releasing the Spike of Bensonhurst 7". This rare release will be limited to 500 copies, the first 100 of which are on orange vinyl. Wait, there's more! A download code for high-quality mp3s of both songs ("Spike of Bensonhurst" and "Bloopers") is also included. Perhaps you should do yourself a favor and take a leisurely walk, er, click over to our Store. All orders will be shipped the week of May 13th.

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