Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice Face on sacred bones

The Nice Face single is limited to 100 copies? Shit, I think we have another Eat Skull on our hands...That is just insane, this is so great...It's jarring, stuttered, no-fi...really messed up fuzzy guitar and . It sounds amazing, really from another time period, another planet. There's so much going on here, hidden under layers but adding to this wash of 4-track melody. It's more than garage punk, it's manipulated through all kinds of analog hiss, and room sounds, so it's natural, but really unique.
I picked this up immediately. It's very SIDS-esque, or even Blank Dogs...there's some synth/organ on some tracks... I love this shit! Immediately it's all I want to hear.
Mike from DC Snipers AKA Blank Dogs did the silkscreen art, which is bad ass also....still waiting for the Dead Luke Box set which will be great too....Sacred Bones you are rocking my god dam world!

On Sacred bones records.

Title: Thing In My Head
Format: 7"
Label: Sacred Bones
Country: USA
Price: $5.00
"Mid-tempo guitar and drum machine driven bedroom punk from this faceless one-man act. Clear the room at your next family function with this pair of unbalanced ballads. Another great Mike Sniper designed cover."-Sacred Bones

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