Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the old haunts/red eyed legends split on KRS

The old Haunts are a 3 piece formed in 2001 and feature Tobi from Bikini Kill, who I kind of remember from someone's mix tape, this has Craig Extine on vocals who sounds like the Make Up at times or Sleater Kinney, kind of high pitch bordering on whine, which gives it a kind of bluesy feel, it's even at times vaguely sebadoh-esque in guitar and basslines. Check out their myspace where I thoughroughly enjoyed The Old world, that starts with this great weird time bassline and really nice changes.
Red Eyed Legends are so similar it's no wonder they are paired together, the vocals here are equally strained and rocking, but there's more of a chorus feel when everyone comes in. They also have an organ to drive this kind of rockabilly home.
I love to support these tangents that KRS goes off on with these classic punk sounding bands. It could just as easily be something from Rob's House in Atlanta.
From KRS

NR005 The Old Haunts - split w/ Red Eyed Legends 7" $5
This garagy punk record is filled with a sense of urgency that makes you want to jump up on your desk, kick the papers off, and shake your fists in the air (if you're stuck at a desk that is). Red Eyed Legends =Chris Thompson (Circus Lupus, Skull Control) and Kiki (the Dishes). The Old Haunts track features Tobi Vail on Drums.

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