Monday, June 9, 2008

Breeders - We're gonna rise

The Breeders had a pretty hard start with the Pod not being officially released and then their major label shelving their album, but it was still more successful and captured more of the Pixies sound than any Frank Black album.
This track is no exception, 'We're all gonna rise' could easily be from a pixies b-side or a later track on any one of those albums, it's a slow dance picked guitar that end with a super dirty distorted solo. Still very 90's sounding, but that could just be her doubled chorus-y vocal style in a hollow room that takes me back.
It's weird I really liked Kim's other side project The Amps entire album and the Breeders Cannonball was a great track, but I never could admit to liking them, they just weren't something I seriously listened to for any given amount of time. That track in particular was way overplayed but they remained consistent and are still doing something interesting for sure.

4AD, or more likely at some record store near you.

Breeders-Were gonna rise [limited edition]-Limited edition 7 inch single taken from the brand new breeders album on the 4ad label. Its probably one of the more mellow tracks from mountain battles with the track having a lovely waltz like feel about it and kim deals voice in truly superb form yet again. Comes with german demonstration on the flip side. April 2008-7"-4ad

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