Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The dodos - Red and Purple

I found out about this album a few weeks ago and ended up listening to it one night straight through and of course the stand out track was Fools with it's chorus and background yelling, crazy off beat timings hitting sticks together...woodblocks.
This single Red and Purple is equally as good, the only problem I have with the drum track in this is they need to use the humanize button or something on the drum machine/sequencer, especially after hearing the Fools track and that organic beating, this feels weird....not as good... it kind of gives it away as being studio or laptop recorded.
I like the collective drumming sound so much, but here it's so obviously perfectly in time that it just sounds cheap or something. Or unauthentic...it's a weird high pitch snare sound too, super tight and tiny. I could be wrong...it's a great track irregardless....it could just be me....or their drummer is too in time.

It feels smart in the way Wolf Parade does with just interesting uses of instruments, every track was changing, surprising in good ways....vocally it's kind of like the shins or something...a little nondescript at times, or too lost in echo or chorus, but musically there are great pop experiments happening all over the place.

At times when it's quietly playing in the background I think I'm hearing a new animal collective tracks by a third member whose singing...or they found an a capella grandaddy track and remixed it. It has that multiple percussion sounds, layers of drums that couldn't be played single handedly....I hate to even think about a drum circle...but maybe these guys can make it good, turn it around.

Please tell me someone can find this domestically.

The first single Red & Purple will hit UK stands on June 30th with the album 'Visiter' to follow on July 14th.

Nice, bright, folky-sounding pop from The Dodos now with 'Red and Purple' on a limited 7". It's quite an uptempo little number on the whole with quite slow, drawn out vocals vocals in the verses that are hazily efective, the chorus jaunts it up a notch for maximum catchiness. The lyrics seem to suggest he's got some kind of war fetish though, that's Americans for you (only joking [or am I?]). I'm reliably informed that this is the best track from the LP, having not heard that myself I can only say that does a good job of makin you feel a wee bit better about the world. The other side is quite similar with the same speedy rythms and slower melody, the song's not as strong but that's why it's the B-side innit

Or it's only imported like fine wine from wichita

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