Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Innerparty system chocolate 7" - Jay + Brad = sad

You want to hear what a chocolate 7" sounds like?

Complete shit.

I have to hand it to them for making this, it's a feat of record pressing, but your needle will be fucked for sure and then the first summer it melts. Interesting, but does the song or band have anything to do with chocolate? Or eating? No...then it would kind of make sense. Oh well.

Oh and the Jay Reatard single from Matador that went on sale yesterday...well here's some advice to anyone buying this in the future, when you put it in your cart, checkout immediately, if you try to look around and add something to your order thinking it's in your cart so you have it, you are DEAD FUCKING WRONG! I mean.... fuck me for thinking I wanted more music and didn't just want to pay $4 shipping for one seven inch.

Try to check out and it says please remove the Jay single from your cart before checking out, it's no longer available. What the fuck.

Matador you suck, and I suck for fucking thinking I could get one of these. Have seven inches jumped the fucking shark? Why do I give a fuck about these stupid plastic discs?

Fuck me.

If anyone wants to give one of these up I fucking promise that I will make a youtube video of me snapping this bitch in half....I just stopped caring. Are you happy now Matador? I'm going down to Broadway and Houston and protesting....


ed note...(I'm sober now, and calmed down, I can't wait for the compilation and keep telling myself it's not a big deal.)

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  1. JJ Beef Bone6:21 PM

    Its Jay Reatard, the fans are mental. Its also a self promoted cult icon status attempt. This whole ultra limited edition 7" every month or whatever, is just a ploy for him to lengthen his career somehow. He probably has a stock pile he will sell on ebay in a month for $50 each.