Thursday, July 3, 2008

Viktor Vaughn - Raedawn

This is a rerelease of the original japanese import, now on Takeshi records part of a new series they are doing called Powerful Beacon..I don't know if the others are also rereleases or new to just this series but usually this kind of thing is only available as bonus singles to the LP or part of the stones throw singles club and just plain hard to get individually like this.
I keep going back to MF Doom and this side project, he's insanely prolific and his bio is sick. Madlib and MF Doom are contemporary hip hop...the most interesting thing happening in that genre...Madvillany is like the infamous Pavement/Palace collabration tracks, the best of the best coming together to just define a moment.

Viktor Vaughn
PS, US 1st release in the Powerful Beacon series teams up MF DOOM w/ Swedish-Chinese producer Kaman Leung, who made abstract electronic hip-hop beats for the past decade. After a trilogy series of EPs for his own Lacerated. This project aims to reintroduce hip hop classics by having them remixed by contemporary producers to provoke the next generation of hip hop artists.
Takeshi Records

Get it from parasol.

Going away for the 4th, back to the 7"'s on Monday.

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