Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unholy Two from Columbus Discount records

What the fuck is in the water in Columbus Ohio? They now have a huge number, relatively, of bands consistently putting out the most insane music. I have to think again that all these bands are playing together, all part of each others bands or the audiences in Columbus are just way ahead of the rest of the curve and can't get enough of this.
Unholy Two is on the very edge of completely experimental and still having some kind of structure to hang this grating hiss onto. I couldn't tell the difference between their live tracks and the 'studio' material....nice.
Kutter is pure amazing noise, just get close to the amps and beat them to death with feedback, it's raw, pounding distortion notes in between piercing screeches of noise, starting out at that punishing slow tempo of beating and then slowly turning into a Ministry live garage demo, breakneck ....with lyrics even.
This whole thing is kind of like taking that 90's industrial thing and running it through shitty effects or record it with a CB radio, it's brutal to your ears and this might even kind of cross into some sort of shitgaze metal area, so if weirdo noise is your thing and you want to see what the fringes of the Columbus noise scene are doing.....here's your chance.

Unholy Two – s/t 7" (Columbus Discount) $5 A fantastic record of sci fi punk rock sandpaper your eyes damage and the best debut 7" from a Midwestern band since last years TV Ghost seven. Given Columbus Discount's string of stellar records, it shouldn't be a surprise that this one is a winner.

From Columbus Discount.

Or from s-s records

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