Friday, September 12, 2008

Robs House 7" explosion! + podcast 23

Rob's House has been amazing for introducing a lot of bands, not just Atlanta-centric stuff either, and it hasn't just been luck...Trey is picking out amazing stuff to release and on the cutting edge, really breaking first releases from these bands, with amazing packaging. I still look at the SIDS release from RH and how intricately it's cut with a colored acetate's really the best 7".

Sonic Chicken 4 has that 60's garage feel with xylophone which is a nice touch to the low-fi pop feel here. Both tracks are pretty clean with a little distortion on the vocals, and lots of chorus ah ah's. Still immediate feeling like it was done in a few takes and their french? Really?

----rhr041: SONIC CHICKEN 4------------------------

sonic chicken 4 are not an easy one to pin down. they play a fuzzy, ultra-primitive brand of garage stomp that owes equally to '60s pop, velvet underground and bftg comps. the songs catch your ear make you wanna sing along, turn up loud and jump on the couch and then rethink the kind of distortion pedal you have and how you're using it...[600 pressed; 500 black vinyl, 100 blue vinyl]

side a: midnight girl
side b: toe man

Golden Triangle is also taking the 60's garage to a new place, complete with motorcycle samples and kind of Vivian Girls echo vocals like on Prizefighter. They have that ensemble feel, trading vocals between members..just a pure b-movie rock party...their blog has all kinds of pics of their costumed live shows, I'm hoping to catch them at glasslands on the 20th with Blank Dogs...

----rhr043: GOLDEN TRIANGLE------------------------

golden triangle are a raucous, female-fronted brooklyn garage-punk act with a bratty attitude and stylish costumes that resemble some kind of performance art cabaret band. their hypnotic drumming, vocal chants and lofi guitars are just notes from chaos but always exactly where they need to be. catch them on tour in october with quintron. [600 pressed; 500 black vinyl, 100 gold vinyl]

side a: prize fighter, red coat
side b: night brigade

Podcast Episode 22 - Matts back! I try to play the new vivian girls but don't have an adapter. Instead I play Maximillion Colby, and try again to pronounce Dianogah again...we also play the suicide squeeze Coathangers single.

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