Thursday, September 25, 2008

leper print on Die Stasi

I am convinced I've talked about this before... I remember going to the myspace and even listening to this stuff...but if I did I don't care, it's good. Give it a listen again. Nice low-fi kind of jay reatard punky.
I don't even know what I mean when I say that. I think it's just like home recorded punk, instead of sappy sad bastard...I'm home and feeling sad about a's like I'm angry, but I want to make something exciting sounding and fun, but dark still. It's the same feeling, but different approach. Kill it, instead of kiss it.

It's heavily electronic and full of echo...It sounds like Kyle Raquipiso has a ton of effects and spends hours pouring over circuit boards just breaking them in half and plugging them back into each other.
there's still guitars involved, and real drums, so when it takes off, it's fucking flying...but just barely.
Good shit, that sounds like it's been around as long or may predate, blank dogs and the like, plus he won the subpop scholarship?
That's fucking crazy.
He's going places.

This is from
Title: s/t Format: 7" Label: Die Stasi Country: USA Price: $5.50 "One-man army Leper Print brings three shots of gnashing-teeth DIY to the lunch counter. Get a seesaw and you slap this monster on one end and Home Blitzs "Live Outside" on the other and the thing is dead level. Light and dark, good and evil, balance! Leper Prints third and most luscious banger weaves like a drunken monkey in a ski mask." - Die Stasi

Or from Die Stasi itself:
ssh-05 LEPER PRINT 7" e.p. is HERE! Paypal $6 to for US only. Foreigners email me.

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