Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Man Man on Obey Your Brain

I was excited to hear what the fuss was about Man Man, from Philly, and I've seen them playing the usual alternative spaces in Brooklyn and with O'death here and there, so I figured they were a little like Parts and Labor, some kind of percussion thing....I was pretty off.
I don't know...this is that kind of carnival, very specific sound, half soundtrack at times... sort of like Tom Waits...or even Captian Beefheart, who I've been getting back into thanks to some rereleases on vinyl.
It just doesn't seem to have a understandable rhythm, it's kind of clown nightmare... Messed up organs, all kinds of off kilter sounds, lots of yelling...that growly yelling.

Xylophone solos?
I don't know, it's not my bag I guess.

It's available from Obey Your Brain, it's $10 but it has two exclusive tracks and is on colored vinyl..I think that includes shipping? I could see this being one of those bands with their hardcore followers and this can't be pressed in a huge run or anything...

*MAN MAN "Little Torments" (Obey Your Brain - BRAIN 03) 7" (07MAN Mlitt)
Obey Your Brain is excited to offer our third release, Man Man’s “Snakehandling / Little Torments” 7". The two exclusive tracks we're taken from the Rabbit Habbits session recorded last year at the Shape Shoppe studio by Blue Hawaii. Amber Vinyl.

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