Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shred Yr Face! (in the Uk)

Super limited edition 7″ featuring exclusive tracks from all 3 bands.

What 3 bands You ask?
Why none other than No age Times New Viking and Los Campesinos. Exclusive tracks!
You're ready right?
This is what 7"'s are all about!
Of course it is...this will be gone by the end of the week for sure, I suggest ordering it directly from overseas like Norman...I found something about some kind of record store coalition carrying them in store in the US? But I found nothing....This seems to be kicking off some kind of super promotional tour of shit-gaze...with Los Camp thrown in for good weird measure. I wonder what the UK is going to think about this under-wave coming their way today. I just can't figure out a reasonable way to get one of these.
I missed the Times New Viking single from Matador a while back, I'm stupid. No way am I trying to wrangle ebay for a $20 copy...it's too late.
Don't miss this one my brain keeps saying...I can't hear these anywhere else!
I can't type fast enough! Especially after I read this commentary from the bands...
I am just a wealth of fucking information today.

Times New Viking says:

“we recorded this song to be put on a compilation for a great publication in the usa called ” the yeti”, quite a good read. the issue should be out soon, #6 i believe. we learned this song from our friends yo la tengo while on the road, atleast the better part of the lyrics. recorded at home on a boombox. the clean are our beatles and everyone should try to find out about them, please. tally ho.”

No Age says:

“Taken from the song “Sick People are Safe” off of our Deleted Art EP, this is an underlying track of noise that was in the background. Alone it serves as a whole different experience, and comes to life in another form. ENJOY!”

7″ ACTION : The three bands have got their collective heads together for a limited edition tour 7″ that will be available from the Coalition group of indie stores in the UK. Tracklisting : 01 Los Campesinos!: “Death to Los Campesinos! (Napoleon III Remix)” 02 No Age: “Revolving Credit for Kitty” 03 Times New Viking: “Anything Could Happen” (The Clean cover)

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