Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sad horse - fuck side project single - (Cassie I'm sorry)

Sad Horse

7", Cat# MR-026
(2008, Mississippi Records)

// 01 Coyotes
// 02 Space
// 03 Made In China
// 04 Rain
// 05 Veins
// 06 Gimme Gimme

I really like Fuck...Baby loves a funny bunny, was great, the matchbook packaging. It made me buy the CD, and it's one of the still have it. That was a while back...either way, I tracked down their site...they seem to have a whole underground scene all their own going on. Wiki says they were signed to Matador, then wouldn't change their name???? What about Fucked up? Weird
I liked the quietness at the time, the attention to detail, the minimalism. Lyrically they felt like pavement. I could always count on putting them....they went along with a whole Rex, Bedhead phase I was going through.
The band name isn't bad either...I can't miss a single from a mile away...anywhere.
Recently a video store on Bedford was closing their record section in the back room and I found fuck's first single with a bunch of collage magazine stuff glued onto the front of it....crazy.

Sad Horse isn't fuck at's stripped down reverb guitar, a little messy two piece of singing/yelling girl guy duo. 'Rain' is sounding like a Yips and Coathangers mashup...slightly recorded far away in a rehearsal space...just all raw and in one take. Makes perfect sense with the wave of garage shit gaze without all the shit movement. Can't wait.

SAD HORSE is the newest Fuck offshoot. A 2-piece from Portland, Oregon made of Geoff SouleVenable (from The Naysayer band) on drums. They do it fast, short, fun and skronky. A six song 7" (punk rock!) is slated for release later this summer by esteemed Portland label Mississippi Records. Until then you can hear them live and get a copy of their 21 minute long, 17 song demo (punk rock!) at a town in middle America near you.

SAD HORSE 7" EP, released by Portland's esteemed Mississippi Records. Limited edition of 500 copies, most of which have already been shipped off to weird European collectors, so act fast rabbit!

******In Regards to Yesterday's Post******

Ben's comment put it into perspective a little, I don't know you, you probably don't even put the packages together, you have to deal with everyone else's fuck ups. I get really irrational when it comes to 7"'s.

I publicly apologise.

I fire off some offhanded jab at shit that is annoying me in the moment. I shouldn't have called you out like that, you doesn't deserve it and I'm sure you're good at your job....

I guess I'm just asking the question about supposed 'indie' retailers like this and if anyone else has had a bad experience. I just won't be falling over myself to order next time. I get sucked in by promo shit like that when it comes to 7"'s and setting myself up for disappointment.

I'm sure they'll still take my money.


  1. I just ordered a couple of records from Insound few days ago for the first time (postage rates to Italy are cheap). I have to say that I wrote to Cassie asking to low the value of the parcel (duty fees bollocks!) and she was really kind.
    You're right to say it's better to order directly from the labels/bands (I acted in this way with very few disappointments since the mid 80s without a pc, hiding the money in the envelope, writing letters to the labels), but unfortunately and ultimately for me it's not 100% safe :
    at the end of march I pre-ordered (2 months in advance they said) the A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS vinyl box set (42 dollars!)on Vacancy Records, but until now I still have to receive it. I wrote several emails, I tried to contact the label through their Myspace with no answers at all. Yesterday I left a post on their website, I'm still waiting a reply...
    The same happened when I ordered directly from Plays With Dolls label the VIVIAN GIRLS "Wild Eyes" 7", no record, no answers!
    On the contrary I ordered CHEVAL SOMBRE "I Found..." 7" from Manchester's Piccadilly Records :
    they posted the wrong CS 7" on Trensmat Recs I already own, but when I contact them they suddenly sent me the missing one claiming that It was their mistake and I could easily keep the wrong single as well.Honest people!
    Ciao from Italy.

  2. Yea, it's a pretty mixed experience...I'm just disapointed at a distro place when that's their job. They aren't running a label, pressing records, dealing with tours etc. This is their primary function to mail records. I do order from them when I want to combine shipping and shit like that.
    Sometimes tiny labels fold, or don't bother to send without serious badgering.
    Bottom line....I am a maniac when it comes to seven inches and it pushed my buttons.
    I heart Cassie and she's probably going to end up getting me that single in the end, so now I feel like a jerk.
    Business as usual.