Friday, January 23, 2009

So Cow on going underground records - more spencer, pt2 podcast

I just came across this single on Going Underground records the other day thanks to termbo and was in the mood for some ol fashioned indie rock and went right to so cow's myspace. There's a lot of different sounds, reenacting of eras here. A little garage, a little 90's indie...echo room mic amps, low vocals, feels pretty raw. Focused on solid songwriting, not too serious. Part of that garage, minimal effects, vocals bouncing off the walls, and hitting you with a melody to sing a long to and feel pretty good about it. That kind of thing to keep flipping over and over.
The A-side 'Commuting' is about riding around on a bus and girls of course. The guitar is a little off key, a little messy. It's got that homemade quality, clear sincere vocals with weird breaks and drum fill changes. Layers and layers of guitar lines come together and solo out right in the middle. Seemingly uninfluenced by whatever movement everyone is latching onto. Out there doing his own catchy pop thing.

He's also toured with Nobunny, whose album I've been waiting for every day, coming home and checking the mail. Nothing yet.

SO COW-Commuting 7” (Going Underground/RNLD15) $5.50
“When I first heard the A side " Commuting" I instantly fell in love with this a few months later we have this amazing 3 song ep . A little bit of Sarah Indie Pop, the Go-Betweens, the Undertones, the Outcasts and the old Irish charm and you have a 3 song record that will be stuck inside your head for months. Fucking essential.”

Here's the second part of Spencer Morasch's illuminating interview Episode 40...We delve deeper into the analog chain, magnetic vs ceramic cartridges, preamps,speakers and Warners battle with youtube. For nerds only. But hey, why don't you learn something for once?

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