Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Real estate on underwater peoples records

If you've heard Ducktails, Matt Mondanile's solo project then you'll want to jump on this.
That Ducktails single has really grown on me, I can't exactly explain to someone why I like it, it won't blow you away the first time you hear it, but it works it's way in there and I keep putting it on. It's something I'll keep close to the record player and play while I'm figuring out what to play.

Real Estate is
Matthew Mondanile III, Martin Courtney IV, Etienne Pierre Duguay & Bleeker.
One track from this single, Suburban Beverage is on their myspace. From this brief listen I think in the way that Ducktails uses a lot of etherial samples and loops, this is the same tropical vibe, but played live, drums, guitar etc. In a nicely room sounding jam, but isn't meandering. It never becomes tedius, which is usually my complaint...I know where it's going.

This is a pretty epic track building up with a kind of slow vibe
I'm hoping fake blues is the b-side that track is killer, the tom drum rhythm with echoed high treble guitar melodies, It has a great room sound, like will oldham in Viva last blues, full of space between drum hits, the vocals match the shimmer of the electric guitar, it's very intellectual beach boys, what I always wanted from them lyrically, some smarts.
There's a haze covering everything, a little whatever-gaze...but combined with country slide

I sound like I'm describing something alt-country, but I'm just not getting that feeling here, it's more like Rex or Bedhead. Not the extreme of slowcore, but melancholic and deliberate.
I'm loving everything I'm hearing...every one of these tracks keeps me interested.

They are playing the Cakeshop this weekend, and I'm going to see this live...

From Underwater People's records:
Hey Everybody,

So, assuming all goes to plan, the official release date for the Real Estate 7" is February 1, 2009. The 7" costs $7.00 plus shipping, is pressed on wholesome white vinyl, and will include a free CD insert with all the songs. Pre-orders can be made by emailing us at underwaterpeoples@gmail.com, please put the subject of the email as PRE-ORDER and we will get back to you ASAP to confirm.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Saturday Night is the release party.