Monday, January 26, 2009

Wavves single on Young Turks

Just found out about this on Gorilla Vs Bear...he's beat me to the punch a bunch of times, but he's absolutley right this is only 8$ with shipping from Young Turks. I didn't realize the exchange rate was that good. I can't remember the last thing I ordered import. The too pure singles club is looking pretty good about now. It's good to get into a new scene every now and then.

From all the Wavves bashing on termbo I had to go back and listen to the full LP on woodsist and I have to say I'm really into it. Sure he has a publicist/booking info on his myspace...I don't know if that really kills it for me. What else are you making this waste away in obscurity? Play a few shows....get some coverage where ever you can. Is there really a backlash because he's getting some attention for this? Do I change my mind about the Crystal Stilts because fucking Urban Outfitters is playing them? Then I'd be like this annoying girl Iknew in high school that would base everything she liked on what everyone else was into. Fuck that, it's good. I remember the first time I heard it, coming home from Academy and loving it for days. Nothing is going to change that. Same goes for wavves..even if they are on ABC news. I don't see every teenage girl loving this, or them opening for Interpol at Madison square garden.
I'm loving the melodic distortion...and since I way missed the grip tape Weed/speed demon single I'm psyched to get my hands on this. I'm just hoping the post office doesn't crush it on the way here.

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