Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tunng/Soy Un Cabello Split on Neednowater records

I have to admit it's been a while since I revisited these guys...I just don't think I'm in the right head for their delicate technorganic electronics lately. I haven't been feeling in that sad bastard mood lately...but I'm still keeping tabs on Tunng and will pick something like this up to see where it's going.
I'm not sure if this is a 'remix' of the Soy Un Caballo track or a cover...either way the tunng track will be completely different...I still listen to their bloc party cover every now and then.
Soy un Cabello ..., or I'm a horse is a guy and girl band...I think they primarily sing in French, which makes sense with this kind of broken social scene sound...xylophones...I think it's like also...of Montreal or something...a little electronic, layered vocals, acoustic picking...you'll know if you like it.
They seem to love the vinyl and this also is available on gold and as a double 7"? I'm full of disinformation.

From the label:

1. Robin - Tunng version
2. Robin - Soy un Caballo version

7 inch gold-coloured vinyl -

They’re one of the most distinctly English-sounding bands around, but the latest single from Tunng sees the London-based band hooking up with some like-minded souls from Belgium, the hotly tipped Soy Un Caballo. Released exclusively on gold 7” vinyl, this extra-special limited single has Tunng’s version of Soy Un Caballo’s Robin on the A-side, with the band’s original version on the flip.

“We met Soy Un Caballo on tour in Belgium and France and ended up drinking wine and swapping numbers,” says Tunng frontman Sam Genders. “We kept in touch and they asked if we'd be up for doing an English version of one of their songs for a seven. I remembered Robin from seeing them play live and it was my favourite.” Sam translated the song from a rough version that the band sent over, then recorded it at Tunng central in London. It’s fascinating to hear the two treatments – Tunng’s typical fireside warmth, and the Belgians’ delicately trippy original. "Beautiful Belgian lush pop, with Robin being 2009's best smoochy song so far. Imagine being the protagnist of a blissful technicolour 60s new wave movie with a beautiful blonde girl shot in Super 8 stock. Er... this could be a perfect soundtrack. Old Pure Groove faves Tunng return to provide a cover on the flip that is also divine." - Pure Groove

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