Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pillow Talk on columbus discount

I was listening to what I hope is one of the tracks on this single this morning, 'Mommy be Good', thanks to and I almost didn't make it any further.
It's almost insulting how little thought went in to this track. A terrible drum machine, (that in itself is fine) accompanied by a Casio SK1 piano single note melody and a disjointed synth bassline , but the vocals are killing me...just someone yelling, with distortion..not even words just 'bah bah bah bah bah BAH!'. It's making some kind of statement about this genre? I kind of never believe artists who make work making fun of the kind of work they are doing....would you really go this far to prove a point? To critique the re-rise of the synth? I doubt it. I'm sure his and our time could be better spent on something else.
The other track is even worse if that's possible...track 9 from the Grip.

Maybe that's the point? I'm trying to imagine what it might have been like to hear Suicide for the first time, and am I just so jaded by some of the other stuff happening I can't hear this in the right context? I'm giving it too much credit.

Pillow Talk's website is giving me some insight into the's perfect that it's hosted by geocities...I didn't even know that still of Mcdonalds and metal rockers...mugshots, links that go back on themselves, opening weird windows, radio buttons that don't do's like the 90's threw up on the screen. But again, even as great as this is on the surface, it doesn't go much deeper than a few clicks and I'm over it.

Apparently this is a side project of Deathly Fighter so this could be some kind of Andy Kaufman alter-ego side project...I keep grasping I know. I haven't given them a listen because I already can't get this hour back I've wasted.

I suppose it fits in with Blank Dogs, Dead Luke, Digital Leather, Cold Cave...the no-wave synth sounds, but with none of the innovation. I think something like this makes those bands just sound even better. Not everyone can just grab some old keyboards and a 4-track and press a 7". You think you can paint a can of campbell's soup, but you can't once you try.

Really it's just shitty...if that's the point then congratulations....great job!

From Columbus Discount records.
PILLOW TALK-Downtown Unga Wunga 7” (Columbus Discount/CDR039) $4.50
“While we working out the details of the upcoming debut LP from Deathly Fighter, the tape of this DF side project struck a chord with us so much that we sent it of to press within the next few days. Dual synths and a hardcore singer warbling with Trashmen ooo-maumau gusto, or better yet, as our own
BJ Holesapple declares: "Suicide if Suicide was Flipper." Six songs and a skit. Edition of 500.”


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    these guys are opening for diplo in columbus, i think in the spring...i heard they are getting like 3 grand to play!
    haven't heard the record yet....s hould be interesting to see

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM


  3. Anonymous6:07 PM

    How the fuck are you writing a review of a seven inch that you have not heard? you are reviewing mp3s from the internet on a site called 7 inch a day?

  4. Anonymous,
    I think you're using the term 'review' loosely. I'm not saying I heard the actual vinyl. I talked about a few tracks I came across from Pillow Talk and my impression of them.
    I just wanted to point out this release I've been hearing about from Columbus Discount, a great label, and decide if it was worth spending money on.
    Take it or leave it.

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    they are playing that show in c-bus?
    can't wait to see them live. the one guy is soooooo dreamy!

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

    since i'm the guy throwing the show
    won't complain about the extra word of mouth created by pillow talk

    ... but they aren't on the bill, and if they wanted to be, they should have spoken to me loooooooooooooooong ago.