Friday, February 27, 2009

These are Powers on Army of bad luck records

These are powers just had this massive record release party at secret project robot, which I unfortunately missed. I think it was like last Friday...I've really been appreciating Terriffic Seasons lately, it really is going exactly where I want this kind of thing to go. They combine the best of everything that I want. The experientalism of High Beams / Racoo-oo-oon /
with the post minimal rock of The Fall or something...or Prinzhorn Dance school...shit what happened to those guys...that was going somewhere really interesting and/or annoying.

These are Powers are just unbelieveable live, like the headlining band that finally goes on after a couple of good acts but they just destroy every thing that came before them. They literally sabotage the other bands because it's so fucking good. It's overwhelming...a real religious experience, the trance drumming and Anna wailing, it's nothing I would ever expect to enjoy so much. It can seem so experimental that I expect it to be work, but I end up enjoying every minute in a really repeatable way.

Army of Bad Luck brought the 7 inches world the SIDS single and Diet Cola, who both pioneered synth punk as far as I'm concerned, they were the precursor to Blank Dogs, Dead Luke etc.
They also really have great sleeve designs and printing...the offset Diet Cola 7" is beautiful...all metallic...a few's a keeper.

I know I have to have this based on the A-Side, but I'm curious about the creeping nobodies side.
After listening to their really fits with where These are Powers are going. They are reminding me of that minimal post punk as Pylon or Love of Diagrams, but working with more that experimental way. This might actually be closer to Young Marble Giants then Powers actually...

These are Powers latest full length, is available on SC distro.

Army of Bad Luck says:
These Are Powers / The Creeping Nobodies Split 7" - 2 songs w/cd-r containing "Creeping Powers" mash-up by brenmar. Hand-screened covers. Clear Vinyl. $4.50 + $2 s&h (in u.s.)

That's kind of perfect...the mashup / remix is on the CD-R. That's where they belong...not on the vinyl. I'll probably listen to them and appreciate it, but I'm glad it's not the B-side.

We play Fugazi, the Furniture single...More Matt...Molly brings Fugazi into the mix, I tell my Nodzzz 7" story again. Molly drops a bomb with a discovery of Smiths singles at Permanent records. Matt makes fun of me, I turn his mic off. He calls me a Republican. Good Times. We're far too drunk to make any sense. Matt reminisces about seeing Fugazi, and June of '44. We play Ty Segall's new one from Chocolate Covered. Matt loves the cover and tries to breakdown my obsession with shitgaze. He's the devil's advocate. I try to explain my position, but I have to say, I'm in no state to do so. This does not count.


  1. great post! kinda let army of bad luck go to the wayside the last few months. just checked out their myspace and heard a track by a group named Georgiana Starlington...Ode To Love. Check it. So good, man. Kinda psychedelic rootsy style. Deluxe Edition comes in a wood sleeve. Should be interesting.

  2. I saw that too and was going to leave it for a future post...the wood sleeve is pretty amazing. I had completely let this label fall off my radar until I saw TAP had a new single.

  3. howdy - check here for the debut these are powers 7inch

  4. Phil,
    I actually talked about this when it came out...
    Great release, just relistened to it the other day...

  5. shoot - i'm embarrassed! glad you liked it though... [i typed in these are powers into the search engine on yr blog but it didn't find this review (should all lower case make a difference?!?), and my memory ain't that great - but you have a great blog going on here - all power to you. take care!

  6. Phil,
    Yea, I think you have to use quotes? I probably didn't tag it right. Just wanted you to know I didn't drop the ball.

    I hope anyone that looks into this single will absolutely pick up yours as well.