Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Young Governor on plastic idol records

This weirdly disturbing sleeve comes courtesy of Ben Cook, one of the/lead guitars that make up the band 'Fucked Up'.

I've been listening to that Whats Your Rupture' latest Year of the Rat 12", and I don't even know where to's a new direction for hardcore in general that's for sure. It takes some time for me to get past the Mighty Bosstones style vocals...everytime I hear this guy I think of that 'ever have to knock on wood' song...god dammit, now it's stuck in my head. It's that hardcore voice that's been smoking non filters for years, and he's angry, hasn't slept in days, and probably is thirsty. LIstening to it is like someone yelling at you for 15 minutes.
I'm not saying I'm not angry...I have my moments, but I tend to put something else on at the end of the day, call me old.
Young Governor is going somewhere else entirely, this is working with all the garage punk stuff that's been happening lately. Bands like Tyvek, King Khan, Hank IV, Cheap Time. The guitar is the lead...the focal point of the tracks, simplified vocals that just have to sound good hung all over the crunch fast tempo distortion. Kind of a blues's almost Shellac in guitar tone on the virginia creeper track, that kind of sound that is so distinctive, really gated, all overdriven, almost turning into it's own unique instrument. It's not a guitar anymore. Combine all this with the garage...short punk where the vocals are just a little distorted, the drums have this perfect room sound that's really deep, maybe eq-ed deeper after the fact...or just boosted to the point of hiting the red. Very reminiscent of Ty Segall's solo's really similar...this Virginia Creeper track anyway.
Mostly it's really illuminating to hear this individual voice from that enigma known as Fucked Up.

YOUNG GOVERNOR is Ben Cook (FUCKED UP, MARVELOUS DARLINGS, NO WARNING, VIOLENT MINDS, etc.), and this is his debut solo record. "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" were laid down by the Governor at East End Reclusives, in Toronto, Canada, a dumpy practice space responsible for an impressive amount of recorded work in recent years. Although more pop-infused than the hardcore stylings of Ben's present/past, Young Governor solo is arguably as raw and unpredictable as anything he's done, if not more so. The needle-pegged, hyperactive pop of "Virginia Creeper" and "I'm a Mess" offer a glimpse of the Governor's 2009 agenda, and frankly, teasers don't get any better than this. Pressed on beautiful lavender vinyl with a full-color sleeve (layout by Matt Wong), limited to 750 copies.

It's 5.50 from plastic idol records.

Another single is coming soon on Static shock also...maybe march.

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