Monday, March 2, 2009

A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW on geographic north records

(cult of) The Cemetery Flowers (mandolins version) 7″ - Released July 8, 2008

A: (cult of) The Cemetery Flowers (mandolins version)
B: Walking Pneumonia

Shoegaze, Shitgaze, whatever...this could have been on the Lost in Translation soundtrack, let's just put it that way.
I think the problem with that sound is it's so pigeonholed that any experimentation with that piling up of layered distortion can only go one way..does it end up sounding the same by default? Not necessarily... I think A Sunny Day In Glasgow is definitely doing something interesting within this framework. It's really reminding me of the Spinnanes vocally with the instrumentation of a Magnetic Fields....very Stephen Merrit layered synths sounds that become a repetitive base, turning into percussion. A rhythm to build on.
The thing that fascinates me about this sound is what happens when the sounds are allowed to just bleed all over each other like this...blasted into a space at full volume and then captured. The separation is gone, where it came from doesn't matter really becomes it's own thing entirely, it's own some kind of sound least that what it sounds like from here.
Like the track '515 train', there is a wobbly synth sound that comes in and out, and is probably getting that effect from being recorded to magnetic tape and the natural overdrive and gating of the mic that happened when being completely blown out by some kind of super synth bass that comes in now and the bass note sine wave is cancelling out the higher synth sound? That's where the magic happens...creating these sounds that we can't even capture...that cause the mechanics to just act a little wacky...this is as close as you are going to get, but still it even becomes something else once you record it. Like quarks.

They aren't sticking to this formula either, which could easily drive a bunch of albums...vary it just slightly, echo beyond times it's a single instrument working on echo overdrive with most of the sound being clear like the track on this single 'Cemetary Flowers', ...there are just a bunch of electronic sounds, creating this deceptively chipper sterolab kind of loop. And the vocals are just right for this...any less echo and you get into Enya's right on the edge, but falling into the Crytal Stilts side of the fence.

Available directly from Geographic North Records who actually have a subscription series now that I'm looking at it...I'll have to look into that and get back to you about the releases....

From Aquarius records:
A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW "You Can't Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 1" (Geographic North) 7"
This Philly band captured our hearts a couple years back with one of the best shoegaze inspired records we had heard in ages, Scribble Mural Comic Journal, an album with which we fell more and more in love with every listen. So we were excited to see that they were picked to kick off this awesome new series of 7"s put out by Geographic North, called You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, which will also feature talented folks like Tarentel, Tussle, and more! These two new songs find ASDIG in perfect form, delivering more of their swirling daydream delights that remind us of brighter sunnier Cocteau Twins. Perfect for the 7" format as this is a band who creates songs that only get better with constant listens, we've been playing this over and over! Comes on cool blue vinyl and of course pretty limited as most of these sorts of things tend to be.

If you're interested, they have another one on Disjuncture records also....which looks like their only 7" release.


  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    ASDIG are amazing in my humble opinion and just got word that their second album is completed and will drop in early June I beleive.

  2. Did you happen to see this Ruined potential LP release?
    I'm really tempted to get this double vinyl full length, but I'm going to wait until I can't get enough of this single when it comes....I like what I'm hearing though.

  3. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I sure did and took the leap. The packaging is fucking awesome. The nice folks at Ruined Potential also threw in an absolutely gorgeous 10" for free as well which is tres cool of them.

    It is a bit pricey (for shipping to someone from toronto anyways) but since I got a nice 10" in the package as well I am not going to complain.


  4. Jason,

    I actually have spare copies of the ASDIG full length on RP. I fell in love with their debut and bought 10 copies off RP when they dropped the vinyl. Crazy packaging. Not sure if it's OPP yet, but it must be close because they only pressed like 330 of them. The full length is much better than that new 7", which is also good but nowhere near that debut LP. Still, can't wait to hear the new one.

    Let me know yr interested in a copy.

    You can search Sunny Day In Glasgow in my blog to see some pics of the ASDIG LP set.

  5. Mark,
    Nice post, the packaging looks amazing.
    They still have copies left and I'm really close to ordering one. It probably wouldn't make sense to ship it back to the US for me, keep em for fans up north, unless they sell out and I'll be sure to contact you. I'm beginning to think I have to hear this now.

  6. Yes, the full length is a masterpiece of modern shoegaze. No one comes even close right now...don't even get me started on limp shit like The Pains Of being Pure At Heart. Don't sleep too long on that LP. Will be worth every penny no matter where you cop it from.