Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dead Gaze preorder on Firetalk Records

I talked with Cole about his Dead Gaze project a while ago now after he sent me a CD-R of some tracks he'd been working on and I was so glad to see this single announced on Facebook yesterday from Firetalk Records...

From what I remember Cole has some amazing tricks up his sleeve every track and, "Take me home or I die alone" is no exception. I know it's going to be inspiring, that he's been listening to everything, taking it in, and filtering it through Dead Gaze. The tape speeds up and a melodic guitar (?) line leads heavily reverb/echoed drums pounding in. The vocals are super warbly phasered out with some delay and he somehow makes this unsettling vocal sound like another hazed out pop song. Synth sounds break in and they're almost '90s teen high school movie finale or My Bloody Valentine under the jangly fuzz of guitar melody. The tracks I heard years ago were just the beginning obviously.
"Emanuel Can't Come Close Enough", the B-Side has the slow burn layered build up of Beach Fossils with that same outer space vocal. Great live drum track, which I'm sure he even played himself that talented bastard. I love Dead Gaze.
Pop enough to put it a seven inch because a full length might be too much to take in all at once...and these two deserve to be studied and revered on the sweet, sweet vinyl.

Check out both of these tracks from Get Off the Coast and preorder this badboy from Firetalk Records.


  1. Cole is just producing some of the best and weirdest takes on indie rock around. I can not wait for his upcoming 10" on Group Tightener. How long till we get a debut?

  2. Agreed, hopefully it'd the first in a long line of singles that end up as a full length.