Friday, September 24, 2010

Not Not Fun Bored Fortress singles Club Year 4!

Just got an email from NNF about new singles from Pocahaunted and Robedoor, probably Pocahaunted's last ever on the label....that would be exciting enough, and I was going to mention them today but just underneath was this announcement about Bored Fortress Year 4? Change of plans....I just was talking with Mike from Soundscreendesign about their 400 page 7" book, Touchable Sound...and guess what was in there...on practically a whole page? The Bored Fortress club year 2 singles...the ones silkscreened in different colors, with corresponding leaf glitter glued all over them...this is a chance to own a piece of history!!
It's like the franklin mint, only with awesome shit!
Why wasn't that in an email?

Looks like a great lineup this upcoming year...and another release from Robedoor? No Age? Ducktails? Not Not Fun has been curating the most interesting music and packaging forever....and this subscription will be no exception.
I'm rambling, but really I better get over there before it's gone.
I'm going to have to try to see what else is lying around the house I can put on ebay.
Get it.

But wait until I do.
Bored Fortress
Year Four
7" Club


After a two-year hiatus NNF's split singles club is back in operation, with an all new roster of bands and visual artisans. All subscribers will receive two split 7 inches every other month – beginning August 15th and running until December – as well as club-exclusive gifts. Please select U.S. or INTERNATIONAL depending on your location (note: int'l orderers can pay using the paypal button, no need to email first unless you are ordering other items as well).

This year's bands include:
-Wet Hair
-Sex Worker
-Infinite Body
-Psychic Reality
-No Age
-High Wolf
-Peaking Lights

This year's artists include:
-Carlos Gonzalez
-Zully Adler
-Robert Beatty
-Cody DeFranco
-Julien Langendorff
-Spencer Longo

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