Saturday, June 30, 2012

Burnt Ones on Fuzz City Records

Adam Widener actually told me about this new label Matthew Melton started up, Fuzz City with Rob Good and Sam Lefebvre, members of his latest project, Warm Soda. I'm a huge fan of his band Bare Wires, both of those albums are absolutely genius, every track... Artificial Clouds is the standard I've been judging everything else by lately. Then again don't ask me to choose between that or Seeking Love. I'm only sad there weren't more singles to ever give me an excuse to mention them more. Adam actually toured with the Wires and I'm getting together an interview over the phone to talk about the tour and his singles. In the meantime though I got a chance to listen to Fuzz City's latest from The Burnt Ones.

"Protection Circle" is a distanced glam wave track with heart on the sleeve sleaze lyrics. You just anticipate this harmony that's coming in between big severely metallic snare smacks, the vocals are just dripping with this greasy glam sound. You can hear the leather and ahhhhh kicks! They found that rolling Gary Glitter swaying crowd beat of a thousand handclaps. Everything in service of this beat. Background thin distortions weave around the smacks and MArk Testor's dying, dramatic vocals. Making sweet love to that microphone stand. I feel dirty.

"Black Leather on Furs" is more of their heavy echo drums and a groovy leaning bassline free from effects. A reverb heavy Cheap Time. Easy distortion with rolling strums lead this into that kind of Oakland gargage dance-hop sound. The disco ball is turning slowly, the curtains are coming down. If the Jesus and Mary Chain were ever concerned with pop music and paid less attention to the distortion, it might come out like this. Great gritty solo, pushing those boundaries of acceptable in the red overdriven sound, coming off as future dystopian blues. Layered and slightly cramps sounding, this classic pop sound warped through the tiny shitty speakers like AM Smith Westerns shared the studio with Times New Viking? Leaning into party pop, but definitely dirty and dangerous, with that hyptnotic rhythm structure. Heavy wave delay for the major solo scream. The biggest garage sound with little whoops and yells, getting bluesy. Black leather on furs? I can't even picture that.

Get this from Fuzz City..along with that Dirty Cupcakes single.

BURNT ONES - "Protection Circle" b/w "Black Leather or Furs"
San Francisco’s Burnt Ones deliver a pair of foot-stomping, glitter laden jams that hearken pristinely to the bedazzled future. A stunning follow up to their Burger Records releases that will certainly propel their exhausting performance schedule. FUZZ002

These tracks are from a previous self released single:

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