Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Ghost on Sweet Rot Records

I think I first met TV Ghost back in 2007 after talking about their single on Die Stasi, and I really wonder if it was even the same band? These guys are dedicated, honing and refining this creepy sound for years to end up in this disturbing unique place. But then again TV Ghost has a facebook page now...or should I say Television Ghost...maybe that explains it.

A-Side's "Phantasm" sounds like these guys have taken on a full psych attack strategy but maybe that's thanks to these organ squeezes, the vocals are just as disturbed as I remember. A dirty gutteral bassline under haunted house organ grinds. Split vocals, distorted across both speakers following that eerie organ melody. The springy reverb when finally released is an insane distant thunder thwack from the tesla coil in the next state over. I think from some of the previous reviews I read I was expecting this to be way more polished but they're still carrying this raw, unpolished edge. It's all done on a real passionate scale, the gunshot clicks from ungrounded cables are like sparks, electricity connecting that circuit, heavy and smacking. Still sounding like a Deadbolt neighbor, from down in the lab. They are plenty frightening, the distortions going way beyond just that guitar noise, but disembodied voices from the next room. Things get almost free jazz sounding with all of the layers of haunted organs and amplified strings and then it all stops suddenly. The ghosts of the tv have blown a fuse.

B-Side's "Panic Area" - now that I'm hearing this ensemble more clearly, you get a sense for the true weirdness of these tracks. The bounced back and forth vocals and their deadpan monotone inbetween manic bursts of chorus the whole thing falls apart, they're getting closer to the Nothing People than the wave of no-fi glitched out layered whatever-gaze direction a lot of other bands continue to explore. The vision is a lot more clear musically and the end result is maybe a little more disturbing now that you can hear every note. Like a halloween ride, a screamy blues laughing ghost ride ...TO HELL!

Creep me out.
In a sleeve/inner sleeve textured cardstock, on black vinyl. Sweet Rot. (Ordering info on their myspace of the last holdouts.

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