Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just a quick word that Total Punk Records is having a contest to design the 45 sleeve for the Action Swingers single their putting out. If I can get my act together I might throw something in just to get a rejection letter...and who knows maybe they're looking for something really terrible.
Info below, get inspired by the youtube video and cut some medical diagrams apart and the sunday paper with big ransom letters and xerox the whole mess. That's a good idea.

LISTEN UP FOLKS because today is your luck day. TOTAL PUNK is giving you a chance to do something with your stupid MISERABLE LIFE. We are getting ready to put out a single by the legendary ACTION SWINGERS and are in the need of some cover art. We have already given all of the world’s top up and coming graphic artists a stab at this and Ned Hayden, the Swingers main man, has rejected them all. So now it is your turn. Submit your cover art to the “TOTAL PUNK GET REJECTED BY NED HAYDEN CONTEST” and Ned Hayden himself will select a winner. Well that is if he doesn’t declare you all losers.
What exactly is he looking for? He’s looking for ART and it better be totally punk. Here’s one word of advice from our man on the street “Leave your crayons at home.” You got the idea yet? Good! Remember these covers are stamped so make it one color and keep it simple. Also make sure the band’s name is on it. We aren’t trying to be mysterious here. In addition we need you to design an 11”x17” one color promo poster to accompany this record.
What do you win? Not only do you get cover credit on this totally classic release. In addition to getting your place in the history books, you also get a test press of the new Action Swingers 7” on TOTAL PUNK, an unfolded silk screen promo poster, and a free copy of the next two TOTAL PUNK singles. WOWZA! Can it get any better? Well yes actually it can. In addition to all the great prizes listed above, we will also throw in a free TOTAL PUNK embroidered patch! You lucky duck.
And for you losers, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. Each losing entry will receive a personalized rejection letter from the man himself, letting you know why your cover was rejected and just how talentless you are.
All artwork should be 300dpi and submitted to with the subject heading “I WANT TO GET REJECTED BY NED HAYDEN.” The artwork should all be one color and the dimensions of the cover should be no larger than 7”x7” and the poster 11”x17”. The contest is over when Ned finds artwork worthy of this great release. Hurry up people or miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

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