Friday, July 13, 2007

Bronze / Kazuamsumaki split 7"

I talked about this before a while back, but I cannot recommend it enough, it has been in constant rotation in my room for the past week. I actually get excited to come home and listen to it again. Both of these Belgian (?!!!) bands are amazing. All instrumental and giving the greatest, the giants in this genre a run for their money. If it's possible there are more changes and time signatures than anyone thought possible.
There is something in the water in Belgium.

Just have a listen to what's posted on their myspace pages.
The shy sensitive one, individual string sounds, maybe some sampling going on, although it's far to quick to try to deal with some kind of machine in the middle of this. They have the don cab bass sound right up front. Treble high eq-ed you can hear the picking. They don't obviously go for the rocking out progression, quiet to loud, it's complicated, there are two tracks but every time I thought it was over it kept going. The puzzle pieces were all over the place.
A couple of them.
All mixed together.
Just give up.

The heavier of the two, the pelican to bronze's explosions in the sky. They have those stuttered rhythms with distortion, perfect moments of silence between distortion. Heavier drumming, this is endurance musicmaking. There is a different kind of frantic here, a head bobbing, purposeful march right into a giant equation.

Long live post math!
I want to spend some serious time with this recording.
Obviously I love these two bands, I couldn't find any full lengths yet, but I can't wait to hear something new from these guys. I am tempted to tape the songs from myspace with a tape player, or better yet actually tape the 7" and put it on my ipod.
Go immediately get this from Stickfigure, if you have any interest in don cab, ativin, pullman, a minor forest, gastr del sol, explosions in the sky, pelican, mono, kinski, turing machine, milemarker....

PS. I also equally have been listening to the panda bear pills 7", it's so summer.

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