Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm from barcelona - Britney

Wow, this is fucking ridiculous, it would be borderline Weird al, if it wasn't so catchy.
But really what is the point, a funny song about a celebrity idiot? I'm a little disappointed, and can't imagine this will be a classic song, I will come back to.

I think Sonic youth had it right calling a side project Ciccone Youth or the Mariah Carey 'glitter' title track on a split seven inch with erase errata. I don't think it makes sense to sing so directly about their stupid lives. I get enough already every other direction. Hey, how about a song about Paris in jail? Oh shit she's out already, and every jerk with a camcorder already did it on youtube.
That being said it's a pretty catchy song, and I wonder if
Emanuel Lundgren can only write giant sweeping choruses for 30 people. He's going to have to have that in every song.

Thankfully it's still working.

It's at Hotstuff or at the band's site (?), or on tour...good luck.

I'M FROM BARCELONA - BRITNEY Tour vinyl single First new song to be released since their celebrated debut album. This song will only be released as mp3 in end of July and this is the only way to get it on a disc. One sided vinyl 7" to be sold on this summers festival gigs and thru us. It's a hit with a lyric about miss Spears and her weird life.

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