Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Los Llamarada on Avant! records

I thought I'd skip ahead a few reviews in the stack next to the record player and jump right to Los Llamaradas in hopes of catching them tonight at
the neighborhood 'friends basement' venue.

Avant! was kind enough to contact me and airmail a copy from Italy...this single all started with Rocco from Disordered and I have to give Avant credit for picking up the torch on this one and finally releasing this gem.

Los Llamaradas roughly translates to 'Sudden flare up'...but I swear I saw this word printed on a deli awning the other day riding around and thought, 'Hey maybe that band is some product inside?', but I'm more confused than ever.

The A side 'Against the day', starts rock/post punk enough but then a harmonica is piercing through the ultra low fidelity of the entire track, that's a new one. Mexico's own Times New Viking?(....are they the new standard to be judged against for this shitgaze sound?)
Whereas TNV are almost upbeat....matt & kim, this is dark, lots of yelling...and now I think the harmonica sound turned into a synth on the B-Side?
'The Last time' (B-1) is a slower number with what has to be a melodica warbling over distorted vocals and slow beat. I honestly am not sure at times if this is entirely in English or it's just in universally no-fi, I don't even can appreciate the raw primitive rock. I just love the sound quality of's a recording that you're just glad they made at gimmicks. The B side is a little softer, but it's pure loudness that digital can't capture...that's funny that the cheapest cassette can have a wider overmodulated range than any digital recording... it just complately clips it off.

This could be an example of the globalization...or lets say global music movement with this kind of sound. Stripped down.... recorded practically on the most inexpensive rig, the drums have that flat shallow sound with no room size captured at all. Could there be a future with enough cast off instruments and amps that bands could spring up all over the globe and just press record? I could be listening to Tyvek or NoDozzz, any number of bands from all over the US right now, but instead this band from Mexico come to me via an Italian label. There's thousands of miles in these grooves....the masters crossed oceans to get here. Columbus (The explorer or OH? whoa) of shit gaze.

It's still available from the source, Avant!.
From LL's myspace: (I love this description 'the sensation of being adrift', like one of those sense deprivation chambers)

Just received our new 7", released by Avant! Records (Italy). Three songs recorded live and straight to a radio / tape recorder, amps over couches; the same living room where we recorded most of The Exploding Now. A certain apocalyptic air had returned to our city. I think those were the closing times of some era. Flooded streets, increased police presence (except when they are actually needed, of course), and a crowd of dead bodies would soon reveal the face of the city. Newspapers kept a body count and discounted it when the numbers became both dull and embarrasing.

Estrella brought her melodica and played it near the tape recorder in selected moments, and sang one of her confusion rock songs. Juan played guitars that sounded both old and new. Daniel walked and runned in the same place. Then we went out for more beers. The recordings had a feeling of something found, not made. I trying to reach some point both below the ceiling and outside of it. In those days I liked to walk along a recently built fake river right in the middle of the downtown area, one of the distractions built by the local government; a suitable monument to itself. A friend was afraid of stepping into it. I had visited it during its construction, it looked like an excavated civilisation, or a sudden burial of our own. A sensation of being adrift.

We selected those songs and other tape recordings for a CD-R, The Olympic Scheme / The Next Life Stroll. Then Rocco from Disordered Records asked us for some tracks. His label later stopped its activities so we continued with Andrea from His Electro Blue Voice. The cover was designed / drawn by Herla. And now it's out, and Scott Soriano will also distribute it ( , and we will have it for sale during our East Coast shows, as well as our new S-S Records LP (Take The Sky, our first 4 track recordings), which should be out very soon, along with a new pressing of The Exploding Now (2007). November will probably see the release of some recordings by Estrella and Daniel's former side project, The Love Is So Fast (a five song vinyl on Siltbreeze records). And we've been recording new stuff and checking old tapes, so in 2009 we'll release something from the archives....

2 full lengths also just became available on S-S distro...
Look for a review of tonight's show later this week...

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    I was lucky enough to see them play last night in Toledo. It ruled to say the least.