Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mayyors - repress at live shows

You know after listening to this single again, finding it on ongakubaka, I realized more how awesome this is. I like the attitude of the Ongakubaka guys, cassettes didn't kill the music business and neither will the internet....it's not going to stop me from at least trying to find this single, let alone make me a fan of every release I see.
Trust me I can consume a hell of a lot of music. I don't think I'm near my threshold yet.
This has to win best sleeve...and taking their lack of internet presence even further, there is no information anywhere. i think the tracks are in black ink printed on black cardstock on the back.

Mayyors are that combination of heavy electronic effected guitar fuzz, and frantic sound. It's such a shame this was out of print immediately and they haven't released a full length yet. The A side pt 2 'Airplanes' sounds really Land of Milk and Honey Ministry, that blew me away back then and Mayyors pick it right back up and run with it. The vocals are buried under tons of phaser, but the sounds they are getting on guitar are just great.
'White Jeep' continues this assault and I imagine live they run all together in one giant track of changing riffs, between the pauses of feedback and what sounds like reel to reel being slowed down.
I'm glad they are at least repressing this limited run for fans at their shows. It'll show up on a compilation someday...greatest hits.

Mt St Mtn says: ... Mayyors will have a small repress (100 copies) of their long out-of-print 2nd single, "Megans LOLZ" for this show. Repress will feature a cover variation and will only be available at their next few live shows (SF, LA, San Diego, Davis) for as long as they last.

People should go to these shows and take orders...like a Christies auction...phone in and bid on the single.

11/13 @ The S.F. Eagle, San Francisco The Fresh And Onlys, Mayyors, Skeletons (NYC), Bronze
11/14 @ The Ken Club, San Diego
Pets, Mayyors, Christmas Island, Widows
11/15 @ The Bad Pad, Long Beach
The Lamps, Mayyors, + more
11/20 @ UC Davis Firehouse
AIDS Wolf, Mayyors, Ah Kraken

Can't get this 7"? Don't have a record player? Want to hear this insanity? Go get that shit at Ongakubaka!

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