Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oneida on These are Not records

I thought I had some singles from these guys but for some reason I'm confusing them with Oxford Collapse...I don't have a thing. They've been around since 1997? Guilty as charged. Their latest LP is part of a 3 part series called 'Rated O', I think...There's a lot I'm trying to decipher in their news section.
I like the Deerhoof style blend of crazy sounds, real experimental pop sounds with weird sitar's, metal bells, the couple of things I've heard so far on their myspace have a definite middle eastern sounding slant. They must have had access to one of those studio with 10 thousand instruments in boxes in the other room. It sounds like they played with every one. I wonder if you think about that shit either writing before or in the studio, that eventually you're going to have to recreate this live.
Overall it's kind of neo-psyche at times, going in an animal collective least conceptually...working within that framework of world music, but then with a little bit of Deerhoof thrown in to make the sound completely their own. Pretty interesting....I'm glad I finally got to straighten this mess out.

Now this being said, I would definitely be into getting this, but I think both of these songs are Grateful Dead covers?
Here's hoping they breathe some life into that hippy jam shit.
It's hard to bring myself to order this from These are not records:

Heads Ain't Ready 7"
(TAN005 - RELEASED 5-27-08)

Finally, our release from Brooklyn indie psych-monsters Oneida arrives! "Heads Ain't Ready" features the bands take on two Grateful Dead tunes: Cream Puff War and Cold Rain and Snow. Pressed in a hand numbered edition of 600 with two color variations: 300 on translucent light blue with white splatter and 300 on translucent red with white splatter. Oneida rocks!

A :: Cream Puff War
B :: Cold Rain and Snow


  1. if you haven't gotten around to it yet, i would DEFINITELY recommend you check these guys out live (they tend to play around nyc quite a bit)... they're pretty much the best live band in town, i'd say. very loud, too.

  2. I think I hate,
    I definitely will...I think I've seen this video on NY Noise's all coming together. Hopefully I'll finally see them in the neighborhood.

  3. Would have to agree on their epic live show. They've played Vancouver 3 times and slayed every single time. Download/buy/steal a copy of "Enemy Hogs" or "Anthem Of The Moon" as fast as you can.

    I think think the name of the trilogy is "Thank Your Parents"