Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All Night Drug Prowling Wolves / Sick Figures split 7"

I have another All Night Drug Prowling Wolves single from Rob's House, and I remember it sounding a little like a rough bar band who is probably just in it because they have to be...and since Rob's House was endorsing it, well I had to give it a try.
What can I say? his is pretty standard rock, they do it well, there's a lot of heart to it. It's like they combined Zach Galifianakis and Bruce Springsteen, and I'm only saying that because of the beard. He's got this growl hoarse vocal quality that probably sets them apart from anything else like this, and when he gets real melodic, it's pure 80's rock. Like a good John Cougar....or if Tom Waits played in a bar band really early in his career before he completely went solo.
The B-Side is from Sick Figures and I'm kind of wondering what they have to do with the label or if the name is just some kind of coincidence.
The track 'Whiskey Song' on the B-side and their myspace sounds immediately like 90's Peter Murphy. Those layered deep vocals on top of this weird carnival beat full of every kind of percussion, thin sounding player piano...I feel like I'm listening to something off the Coraline soundtrack, or Nightmare before feels like a musical score for some reason. OK Lou Reed writes a demented musical for children. Parents are outraged.

Stickfigure seems to me to primarily be a distro place, but they release singles every once in a while, and it's cool to see they believe in something enough to take a chance pressing 7" vinyl. It's only $4, and they basically have everything else so throw this in the cart.

“The wolf is loose indeed. All Night Drug Prowling Wolves are a pop band, a punk band and at times even Americana. With their first release on Stickfigure Records they flirt with all of the above and the result is nothing short of gorgeous. "Maybe Tomorrow" is All Night Drug Prowling Wolves attempt at being early U2, Replacements and Bruce Springsteen. After the first verse you will find yourself singing along and asking for more. We certainly hope that is the case. This is raising your glass in the air music for sure. For fans of Tom Waits, Leatherface and Nick Cave.

Sick Figures are an Atlanta-based band formed by Chris Campbell and Nick Black. In 2006 they released their first demo album with 11 songs that sound like a couple of kids raised on punk rock playing vaudevillian tunes. Since then their sound has expanded, but still reflects the Danny Elfman/ Tom Waits vibe from their original work. About a year ago Gavin (Stickfigure Recordings) introduced Sick Figures to Tom Cheshire from the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves. They hung out, played a show together then it was suggested they do a split 7'. Thus was born "The Whiskey Song". A tune that sits well on it's own and doesn't seem fit in a full album. "The Whiskey Song" branches away from Sick Figures typical sound and features Erich Netherton on percussion.”

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