Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dinowalrus - self released

Finally got around to checking out Dusted's still single and ended up at Dinowalrus' myspace a local Brooklyn band who has been playing a bunch of shows with the usual cast of characters in alternative spaces.

One track 'Numbers, I hate Numbers.' is so exactly not from 2009 it's kind of amazing. I guess there are two ways to go with dated instruments, you can twist them with effects until they don't resemble anything like the era or sounds they should be made of, and get something new or in the case of Dinowalrus, you can faithfully try to execute music in the style of when those instruments were created and their sound was heard everywhere. This is so completely channel 11 afternoon B movie soundtrack. Some piece of crap, with no name actors fighting over something in the future. God awful. But created yesterday, it's kind of genius. I can hear Ariel Pink all over this...with more mixed almost out distorted vocals.
'Duke Nuke 'em' is really great also...I was listening to the Make Up the other day, and even though I'm not remembering it as great as when it was first out, Ian Svenonius' vocals are amazing. I'm getting a little of that here with a little video game/8bit stuff, still sounding a little home recorded like the weirdo-ness of Ariel Pink. There's a lot of references here. Programmed rigid speed metal that completely makes sense. Of course those worlds would go together. Speed metal synth. But that's only a tiny bit of the picture, they went further then just hit that one note. There's a lot of different directions they bring together in a completely successful and original way.
But onto the tracks on the single...
The A-Side (?) 'Electric Car Gas Huffer' is hyper electronic clicks and whirring, but then the live drums kick in and this song is going somewhere. It's a little power chords and balls to the wall metal for my taste. But the synth/glitch stuff keeps rescuing this from just ok. Bonus points for saxophone...I can't tell if someone was actually there...or it's some kind of effect. It goes all jam psyche, reverb by the end, so now I'm just confused.
'Cage those pythons' is completely different from the other tracks mentioned above also. First of all, who needs these ridiculous track names, there's nothing that makes me click away then tracks named 'Ninja rainbow he-man'. Just pick something else...anything.
This track is mostly just rock with a lot of weird effects, and a sisters of mercy feel. I wouldn't be so jazzed about hearing this on the B-Side. I don't know what they are going for vocally, it's almost Danzig, or Blood Brothers. I can't take it seriously, but there is some definite promise here.

There are copies of this single left, email of if you're feeling lucky paypal them directly at dinowalrus (at)

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