Thursday, April 30, 2009

Captured Tracks - gaggle of 7"'s

Before I dive back into the review pile I noticed yesterday that all of a sudden Captured Tracks has another slew of releases I better let you know about before they are gone....starting with the Blank Dogs of course

This one is a no brainer, the 12" EP I haven't listened to too much, nothing stuck with enough to play the hell out of it like Two Sides but a double LP is coming out on In The Red soon, and I'll be looking out for this one is ordered.

What else can I add to the cart? A couple singles caught my attention...I've been seeing the Beets mentioned playing around a lot, so I headed over to their myspace. Turns out they have a full length from Captured Tracks too, so a single should be a good place to start. It's pretty mellow acoustic, full of harmonies, shakers, and country basslines. Recorded far off sounding with plenty of echo and slowly strummed electric.

Next up a single from Little yourself a favor and don't search for that on google. Here's the myspace. Heavy electric guitar overpowering blown out vocals and drums that sound like they were recorded pretty least in 'What we did'. Vocals are way echoed with lots of harmony yelling. Very blank dogs-like, minimal...tons of energy. One of the tracks from this single 'Youth Tunes' is amazing...flat drum machine, repeating sloppy electric melody. Pure 4-track. Layers and layers fall on top. Great song...put it in the cart.

Finally a new one by Brilliant colors, I loved their single on Make-a-mess, so this girlage rock band's new one is a must have as well. Nothing but hits from the Tracks. That makes two singles and no full length.

All of these are avaialble right from the myspace...
There's tons of other stuff, but I had to stop know with the economy and all.

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