Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The H.A.N.S. on Stumparumper records

This The H.A.N.S. single was first mentioned in Stumparumper's blog, and I actually talked to Pat for an episode of the podcast about this release. H.A.N.S. was a band Pat had in high school, he played guitar and sings on the single.
This was hand cut by Peter King, so automatically it has this intimate quality, the crackles and pops, it adds another element to the sound which just sounds historic.

Side A: (No title?) (The songs on the first side are Adjust your Monitor/What You Need - ed)
This is a live recording (I can't tell if it's maybe just the effects?) It really sounds huge, it must have been recorded in an empty gym, the kick is massively booming around the space, at least this is what I imagine my high school gym would have sounded like. This one starts out pretty sensitive, all feelings and slow electric guitar, but then really ends up rocking out for a while. I'm wondering when exactly this was recorded what kind of influences these guys were listening to...I don't know if I'm hearing Teenage Fanclub? Maybe it's just me.

Side B:
'How is it?' Sounds like here Pat starts a melody, or is trying to remember it, can't hear exactly what they are saying but when he commits to the line, it takes off. The H.A.N.S had a pretty amazing drummer especially considering this was high school, he's all over the kit, playing every possible piece, like a giant fill rhythm.
I keep expecting to hear an audience come in at the end.

The Superhero song: Nice post indie guitar jangle here...kind of pop, with little hooks all over. Very catchy, I can't quite catch all the vocals here but it's the radio friendly hit out of the three....Sellouts.

I'm impressed, I would have never had my shit together to record anything of this quality. Or even rehearse enough to play anything live, or deal with anything long enough. It seamed easier to record for the day in the kitchen or literally a garage just off the street with whoever showed up, make up a new name, press record.

The sound is pretty nicely represented here, other than the treble in sections sounds blown out probably something to do with the cutting process. I'm always amazed to hold one of these in my hands and think the masters had to be shipped to New Zealand...hand cut on individual lathe cutters one or two at a time and then shipped back to the US and then to my mailbox...crazy.

I have a clear vinyl copy # 16/20, I think there might still be one available from AnimalPsi, if they update regularly....and it's a very reasonable $7 for a completely unique object. Did I mention the sleeve is made out of old homework? It can't be high school homework, it looks insanely hard.

"This is the only recording that the legendary H.A.N.S. ever made as a duo, which is slightly staggering considering the number of live shows they've played. Now both up-and-coming composers, the members of the H.A.N.S. have agreed to release part of a fantastic 2005 session on 7" as the first record for Stumparumper. One is impressed by the depth of their songwriting and musicianship, but also by their exuberance, which reminds us of how much joy can be had from making music. This 7" will be released as a limited edition of 20 on clear vinyl. Each record is hand-cut on a lathe by Peter King in New Zealand, and every record will come in a hand-numbered, homemade jacket constructed from the H.A.N.S.' old math homework."

Pat's also just released a couple of cassette's as well, get over to his myspace and check out some of the other stuff there as well. This is a one man operation that goes to fund more releases. If in the future there's room for every music fan/maker to do this....welll that sounds pretty perfect to me. We'll all buy each others records and don't have to have real jobs.

Call me a hippie.

A 7" hippie.

I'm just jealous because I need to just shut up and press something of my own already.

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