Friday, April 17, 2009

Coconut Coolouts on floridas dying

I remember hearing about Coconut Coolouts before I even started 7inches, I probably picked up an old single at Academy, just because I saw them mentioned everywhere.
They sound like a real party rock might not go out of your way and drive two hours to see them, but if they were playing in the neighborhood, it would be a good time irregardless. In interviews they sound like great guys, they are a band that gets together outside of playing music...they aren't going to take it to the next level and quit their jobs and go tour, but in this case it would probably ruin them, and why they like music in the first place. It will insure they will be around forever releasing consistent singles like
'We drink blood.' I like the organ - guitar chord back and forth they set up to then pull out a more rocking Jacuzzi Boys sounding single...I like this's the strongest track for me on their myspace. All chorus yelling about drinking blood all night.

From Floridas Dying, so you know this is alright.

Coconut Coolouts
We Drink Blood
PS, US Seattle's biggest party starters are back w/ another single of infectious party pop. 2 songs about drinking blood & bashing nerds. And the added bonus of the COOLOUTS ode to last year's Shotgun Heard Around The World.

I'll be waking up early to head out to see who's participating in record store day and what singles should be available. Hopefully the beck/sonic youth split where they cover each other....and the jay reatard/somnic youth split, and a Pavement live in Germany LP among others.

Here's the podcast for this week Episode 49 (30min). We continue talking about music formats and then go into a Beck marathon, every single is played and scientology is discussed. Then we finish it off with the love is all bonus 7" from their latest release.

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