Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cave on important records

Just got an email about this release from Important recs last night...don't really know Cave, but I've been hearing them mentioned different places, so I went to go check them out at Important Records. They are a longtime releaser of noise/experimental bands, releasing Merzbow, Acid Mothers Temple and Wolf Eyes for a few.

Listening to Cave it's a lot like Kinski...a mix of psyche and rock. Fuzzy repeating guitar riffs, like they can't stop once they find a perfect little two note melody, wah wah pedals, buried vocals...really groove driven psyche on steroids.
After learning about that Hawkwind tribute single series on Trensmat records I feel like I'm hearing that sound everywhere. Dinowalrus and definitely with Cave. It's sci-fi psyche where synth and electronics are mandatory...there's some kind of jazz influence in here too at times. Almost a Tortoise kind of groove improvised repetition, not that I ever know where they are going from track to track.

This one from the single 'Made In Malaysia' is almost liars in it's use of glitchy electronics and chanting over it.... easily Drums not Dead.

Interesting stuff.

You can download a track from the single from the Important Records site to get an idea.

CAVE "Made In Malaysia" 7" $6|
-Bonus Bside track not on the LP. Essential listening.

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