Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I was a king on Hype city/morningside records

New single from I was a King I saw listed on KDVS's charts, so I checked it out this morning. Norway strikes it just me or is there an inordinate amount of music coming out of that country? Or is that Sweden? Let's just say...that part of the world. There's something happy, undyfuctional there. Is it the health care? Either that or it just turns out a seemingly large number of bands are simply resonating somehow in indie's another one.

Two tracks here 'It's all you' and 'Norman Bleik'. 'It's all you' starts out with this piano riff that's reminding me of that 'send me an angel' song from my favorite movie 'Rad', not that it eventually goes anywhere in that direction. Well...a blows up after a few measures and sounds very indie gone major label in the 90's. Teenage Fanclub, The Replacements, The The...anyone on any of those soundtracks. It's a big overblown sound combined with almost falsetto vocals...I swear had to check out videos just to make sure there wasn't some female backup vocals in there somewhere. He's got a high layered effects vocal that gives the whole thing that airy point of an indie Neil Young. Ok there is a lady involved...on guitar or something...she must be singing at some points. Dam it's confusing. There's a serious guitar solo which is taking it even further into Dinosaur Jr. territory but with my bloody valentine vocals....ok that's it, I swear, no more band comparisons.
And that's Mr. Sufjan Stevens on the piano...very interesting.

They will be playing live later this month at Mercury Lounge, 30th and Union Hall, 31st...

I found the single available from insound...

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