Friday, May 15, 2009

The Fresh & Only's on Dirty Knobby + Dinowalrus pt2 podcast

Picked this up at Academy the other day after hearing a couple of people literally staring into the 7" case and talking about how good it was...that was enough for me. Nicely done raw 60's sounding grungy pop rock. Harmony and feedback, a beautiful combination.

They jammed two tracks onto the A-Side...the first one 'I'll tell you everything'...they get that nice fuzz from huge bass under everything, layers of distortion, but keeping everything separated and just sounds classic. Get a milkshake on rollerskates...but how it still sounds today, I'm not could be the feedback, or just the overall edge vocally.

I'm really loving 'I saw you seeing me'...this has a great background ahaaaha vocal melody with fast picked chorus reverb guitar...almost surf-like. I can feel the tiki torch heat. If I didn't know better this could really be on one of those wood door hot rod surfing compilation LP's, It wouldn't be at all out of place at all. Just a little tropical punk.
The straightforward unassuming vocals are a nice change for this style, not too affected and snarly or snotty, but not typical or too crooney.

500 snakes, the B-Side, gets a tiny bit more contemporary, bring it into 70's territory, something about the recorded quality of the guitar melody takes it there for me, like rocking Ariel Pink. I know, I'm obsessed.

Sold out at the source, Dirty Knobby Industries but the bands myspace still has a paypal button so get it from them or aquarius records who says:

FRESH & ONLYS, THE "I'll Tell You Everything & I Saw You Seeing Me" (Dirty Knobby) 7" 5.98 It's easy to forget that The Fresh & Only's are a new band as the songs they've been cranking out have the self-assuredness of a band who's been around for decades. Two new cuts of their garage pop sprinkled with enough punk spirit and weirdo undertones to make their songs always piques our interest. We hear a really cool Joe Meek influence in the sound of "I Saw You Seeing Me" proving that just because these folks are zoning in on some pure garage pop delight they haven't forgotten how to infuse nice touches of their wide range of musical influences into the mix. Can't seem to keep Fresh & Only's vinyl in stock too long, they're already flying out the door, so better grab one of these while you can.

As promised, the second part of the interview Dinowalrus. Episode 53 (22mb, 24min).
Pete talks about the difficulty with pressing your own singles, trying to tour outside NY, playing SXSW, booking your own shows, having a day job, and new tracks from a full length album.


Thank 7inches it's Friday.

I had nothing to do with it.


  1. Dude, make sure you copy their Lp on castleface. Seriously so damn good. Probably gonna be in the top 10 for me. This could be hard to get a hold of as Castleface doesn't have too much distro outside of the West Coast.

  2. Mark,
    I saw they still have some available on their myspace, none at chocolate covered, or midheaven...I'm going to jump on it....thanks.

  3. You surely won't regret it.