Friday, May 29, 2009

Tarentel on Geographic North records + part 2 podcast interview with Scribbler

Didn't know anything about Tarentel either before putting this on this morning. The last release out by Geographic North, the Psychic Powers single being slightly delayed (see below)
This is what I love about this series so far, I don't claim to know everything about music, far from it. I'm suspect of anyone who does. This is an evolving medium, music. I could argue faster than anything else. The rate we consume music and the little, technology-wise it takes to produce makes music this virus that adapts and divides every 24 hours.
This blog is part of trying to keep up with it, track parts of it...I don't know if I'll ever make the jump to 'music critic', I'm constantly coming across whole genres and connected bands I've never heard of...forcing me to start over.
Anything, and new subscription series or label that introduces new work, new artists to me is completely appreciated.

The A-Side
Sounds live, with lots of effects, like we just cut into a live set. I think I'm hearing live drum sounds that are being sampled as they are played and then delayed back and messed with, fed through all kinds of ringtones and distortion. I love getting into sound where it's a bit of a mystery, where it's not easy to dissect.
I was just reading all kinds of reviews about these guys fitting into Post-rock, how useless that tag is, and Tarentel's 20 minute track times. It must have taken some convincing to find usable section they would be happy with to abbreviate on a single...even at 33 1/3. It does make me want to go find a full length somewhere. I get into Mono and Godspeed every now and then when I'm working on something else...I think it's there to not distract me, but mostly it does even more than mindless pop. There's a lot of tortured guitar sounds...this is definitely recorded in a space, with everyone together, which is a nice have that live, raw feel in this instrumental genre. The track abruptly ends, the same way it began.

Side B: I'm getting a soundtrack feel here, not immediate rock. It's this 70's chorus synth. Then some
Electronic metallic explosions that end up as feedback? Or you take a feedback sample and blow it apart, gate it to the point where the effect wants to cut it out completely but something is sneaking through...on top of that fading in and out is a chime-y electric guitar. It sounds like it's being hit with sticks...but delicately. Great weird sounds panning back and forth....this one is moving through changes quick. I hope this was a good experiment for Tarentel, to work within the confines of the 7", there isn't a dull moment on either side...they pull out all the stops and I'm forced to go back and see where this all started.

Tarentel...file them into my favorite genre....instrumental post rock jazz noise...whatever.

Just got word from Farbod from GN:
We're having the worst luck with the Psychic Powers sleeve printing, so it may be another month before you get that one. Belong's "October Language" 180 gram vinyl issue is next.

Part 2 of the interview with Craig from Scribbler is up this week. Episode 55 (18 min / 17 mb). We get into growing up in Halifax, whether or not geography has anything to do with a band's sound, the response from their single on Stumparumper, more of the Radiator Collective, Scribbler songwriting and recording....and Craig's solo project Chief Thundercloud...and what the Box Meat revolution is all about....

Scribbler songs played: (Prussian National Anthem, Sixth Side Road, Woodscar, croscarmellose, furnace (live)). These can be found at their reverbnation site...all free, a hundred songs or so...all over the place in a great popping in an old sebadoh, or folk implosion cassette...could be an intimate home recording, or rock out rehearsal, or sound collage...but it all has a scribbler imprint on it. I have to really appreciate a band that has this range. Like Blood on the Wall...the album is a mix tape.

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  1. Belong's "October Language" and the Psychic Powers 7" are both available now. A new Landing 7" is on deck and it's incredible.