Thursday, May 28, 2009

Customers on Robs House records

First of all, I didn't know Carbona's broke up? Crazy...along with a couple other Atlanta projects it seems, but they reformed into the Customers.
I don't know why all I can think of are the's something about the production quality, two people singing in that slightly scratchy voice. Customers are pulling this off perfectly, nothing low-fi, it's really authentic 90's. No gimmicks, no gadgets, glitches, just guitars, drums and bass...but it's not a mess of punk either, trying to piss off everyone around you. Something you ike just because it annoys everyone else...I've done it.
These tracks could in sneak next to something really good and no one at the barbeque would even notice.

A lot of bands like this can write a good song, throw something together, pop a tape in the tape deck, hit record. As talented as they are, that's a very specific choice, you are determining your audience to a certain degree. Customers are the opposite...or they aren't relying on any typical shit I can pin's great...No weird attitude, they aren't trying for anything...except to make for themselves a great single....I hope.

'She's Heroin' has this great phaser/distortion guitar melody kick it off and then it jumps ahead just great back and forth just the right amount of room guitar. Vocally these guys are great, the call and response thing going on between Stephen and Travis, they separate...come back together in a gravely harmony. Like the Replacements they're singing about some depressing scenes but musically it's really uptempo. They are singing like they are having the time of their lives, about heroin and suicide....take that Lou Reed.

You can't really go wrong with Rob's House...they are always putting out great singles...I think this is a kind of genius that comes with music done at this level. You couldn't put these bands together on paper under one label. You couldn't force this kind of thing to happen. Rob's House is organic ... pressing whatever happens to be next, whatever band just broke up and reformed or is completely new on the scene. Every time I get an announcement for something new it's just great to see this developing, growing with the scene and just existing...I'm happy to support music at this level...and especially when it's great, let's face it, but we can't all be so lucky.

Both tracks on the myspace are on the single plus one more...I'm going to go see these guys at a new Cakeshop owned space, Bruars Falls on Grand Street, June 5th.

rhr052: Customers - Howling at the Moon, She's Heroin b/w Monster on the Loose
with the break up of carbonas, beat beat beat and the heart attacks, customers are just one of the new bands emerging from atlanta with the forementioned band members regrouped. notwithstanding, the customers are bringing a fresh sound to the southern capital and are sure to make a name for themselves outside of their previous connections. here's their debut release, get in on it now as we expect many more to follow.
[600 pressed; black vinyl]


  1. Just FYI, the only person from Carbonas is Chris. Stephen was in Beat Beat Beat and Brad was in Heartattacks.

  2. Oh yea, I meant to mention the other bands, Carbonas was the only one I knew...thanks